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About Joe Crow - The Audio Pro

joe crow the audio pro in recording studio

So first of all, my name isn’t actually Joe Crow. Joe Crow is my musician name that sort of stuck. And it’s easier to remember than Joe Eftihiou!

I started out learning the ropes of audio production in college, before studying BA(Hons) Music Technology at University. While studying, I began working in the audio industry in studios across the UK and put together my own home studio.

Over the years, I built up a large list of top clients, including Dave Kilminster (Roger Waters), Focus, Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Harry James (Thunder), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Ozbourne) and more.

Since then, I launched Claricast – a podcast agency where we empower businesses to amplify their message through expert podcast editing and production.

My passion for audio, combined with my love of teaching led me to launch Joe Crow – The Audio Proa platform built for you to learn how to produce audio. Check out the YouTube channel here.

Everything that I have learnt throughout my education and professional career is laid bare. I want to help you understand the basics and the not-so-basics of…

  • How to use digital audio workstation software
  • The podcast production process
  • How to record professional-quality audio
  • How to mix audio
  • How to master audio
  • How to work with and get clients

…with new tips, tricks and guides coming regularly.

Do you want to become an Audio Pro? Let me show you how…

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