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Analog vs. Digital: Which is Better? [Audio Only Discussion]

The decades-old argument – Analog vs. Digital: Which is Better? In this audio-only discussion, we talk about what digital and analog can mean throughout the process, from recording a song to the consumer listening to it. We discuss how analog gear can affect the audio and how it can be part of the instrument itself. We then dissect what different mediums and platforms can do for a listener.

What Sample Rate Should You Use for Home Recording?

Sample rate is one of those settings in your DAW that can be tricky to get your head around. It doesn’t help that there’s a lot of wildly varying information out there on the subject. I’m going to demystify sample rate, debunk some myths and tell you exactly which sample rate you should use for home recording.

What Level Should You Record At In A Home Studio?

There was one thing I was taught in college that was just plain wrong, and it was this – “When recording, you should record at the highest possible level without clipping.” Find out what level you should record at in a home studio instead to avoid clipping, noise and get the best recordings possible.

How To Make DI Acoustic Guitar Sound Good (3 Step Mixing)

Do you want to know how to make DI acoustic guitar sound good? Find out how in three steps! DI acoustic guitar can sound muddy and a bit ‘fake’. However, with some careful EQing, gentle compression and the right choice of reverb, you can get a workable and professional sounding tone out of your DId acoustic guitar.

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