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mastering explained

Learn to Master Music in 15 Minutes (Mastering Tutorial for Beginners)

Do you want to learn to master music? In this video, in just fifteen minutes you’ll learn how to turn your mix into a loud, punchy master that’s ready for release.

If you’re already comfortable with your mixing abilities and you now want to learn how to master your music to get it ready for release, this is for you.

Are Mixing And Mastering The Same Thing? (Both Explained!)

Are you unclear on what the difference between mixing and mastering is? In this video I go over what mixing and mastering are exactly, and what the goals are that we’re trying to achieve when mixing and mastering. The mixing stage is the stage that comes after the recording and editing stages. The mastering stage is a separate part of the process that comes after the mixing stage. Let’s dive a little deeper and find out exactly what’s involved.

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