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Do You Even LIKE The Music You Produce?

I want to ask you a question…

Do you enjoy the music that you produce?

It’s so important to get invested in the art that we’re working on. Whether you’re recording, mixing, mastering or producing – having a real interest in how the end result turns out can really improve the quality of the final product.

And I’m not just talking about the desire to do a good job so you can get paid and move your career forward. I’m talking about the love for the music itself.

In this video, I go over why it’s important to truly enjoy and appreciate the music that you’re working on. Let’s look at how we can go about motivating ourselves and how to become invested in the art.

Is this something that you follow in your work? Or do you prefer to just take what you can get and focus on getting as much done as possible? Leave a comment below!

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