remove hum from audio featured

How To Remove Hum From Audio | Audio Fixing Tricks

Got hum in your audio recordings? Hum can be electrical, from using faulty or low-quality recording equipment. Or it can come from something in the room during the recording like an air conditioner. Learn how to remove hum in your audio recordings in any digital audio workstation.

how to fix clipping featured

How To Fix Audio Clipping in Audacity or iZotope RX | Audio Fixing Tricks

Learn how to fix audio clipping in Audacity or iZotope RX. Clipping is when a signal goes over the 0 dB mark during a recording and creates nasty digital distortion. I’m going to show you how to fix clipped audio using Izotope RX, but if you don’t have RX, I’ll also show you how to fix clipping for free in Audacity.

Editing Podcast Audio In Audacity For Beginners | Audacity Accelerator Course [Part 13]

Editing podcast audio in Audacity for beginners – full tutorial. Find out how to edit a podcast in Audacity. We’ll dive straight into a session, I’ll show you the tools and options you have at your disposal and how to use them to make your recorded dialogue as clear and professional as possible. You’ll also find out how to edit in intros, outros, ads and more.