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How To Edit A Podcast In Pro Tools (FULL Podcast Production Process)

Find out how to edit a podcast in Pro Tools in this video where I show you the full podcast production process.

Do have a podcast that you edit? Or do you edit podcasts for others? Either way, editing is important. A clean, clear and concise podcast is essential in improving listener retention and in growing your podcast. It can be challenging to do this though, especially without spending hours upon hours on each episode.

I want to show you my podcast production method that I use to edit, mix and master dozens of podcasts every month. Watch along as I edit a full podcast episode from scratch. I then show you how to get it sounding as professional as possible in the mixing stage. And finally, you’ll find out how to master the podcast and get it ready for download. I’ll show you the tools, plugins and techniques that you should be using to edit a podcast in Pro Tools.

What you’ll learn in this video, you can also apply to any other DAW is well, so whichever your preferred DAW, it’s worth checking out this tutorial.

Jump Ahead

  • Intro – 0:00
  • Editing Goals – 0:58
  • Step 1: Setting Up The DAW – 3:09
  • Step 2: Importing Files – 6:03
  • Step 3: Editing – 8:17
  • Step 4: Mixing – 39:13
  • Step 5: Mastering – 46:15

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