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The 9 Edits You Should ALWAYS Make On A Podcast (Podcast Editing Tips)

All podcasts could do with some editing to an extent, but what exactly needs editing? In this podcast editing tips video, you’ll find out which edits you should be making for ANY podcast.

These nine edits include things that have no place in any podcast, as they detract from the listener’s experience. They also include edits to improve the general flow of the discussion, and edits to keep your host and guests happy!

I recommend that as you go through your podcast, you listen from beginning to end and make sure you’re keeping an ear out for anything on this list! And this applies to whichever software you’re using to edit your podcast.

No two pieces of audio are the same of course, and your episodes may have all of these, or just one or two. And it is possible that there could be exceptions, for example, if you’re editing for someone else and they’ve specifically asked you to edit in a certain way. But generally, these are the most important edits to be made.

There will be a second podcast editing tips video soon, where I go over edits that you should SOMETIMES be making on your podcasts.

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