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How To Build A Home Studio On A Budget | Part 2: Good To Have

So, you want to start a home recording studio on a budget.

I highly recommend checking out the first guide in this series – Part 1: The Essentials if you haven’t already gotten together the essentials.

If you’ve already gotten this far – then congratulations! You’ll likely have started getting some of your music recorded, or maybe you’ve started recording others. Either way, all progress is good progress.

Once you’ve started to ‘outgrow’ your studio, you maybe be considering how you can expand it. Even though you’ve got the essentials in place, there’s other super-useful gear to consider adding to your setup.

In this video, I explain where you can go from here. If you want to expand your recording and mixing options and capabilities further, check out the second video in this three-part series.

It’s so easy to start a home recording studio on a budget these days – there really is no better time to start one than now.

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In this guide, I go into more detail on each piece of gear you need to get your studio off to a flying start. A checklist is also included so you can track your progress throughout your journey.

You’ll also be subscribed to the mailing list, meaning that once part three releases, you’ll be notified. Find out about the gear that you should consider “If You Can Afford It”!

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