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How To Mix Rock Synths (3 Tips For A Better Mix)

Figuring out how to mix rock synths can be tricky because there’s often so much else going on. You want everything to be clear, which can be hard when the guitars and bass are taking up space in your mix.

In this video, I give you a behind the scenes look to show you how to mix rock synths. Join me as I go through my three top tips on how to get clean and clear synths that have their own place in the mix, while still sounding strong.

The song that I’m demonstrating in the video includes eleven synths! Giving each of the synths their own place in the frequency spectrum and stereo field are the first steps to making sure they’re heard how they should be.

The techniques that I demonstrate can be applied to other types of music too, especially when there are lots of similar kinds of instruments, e.g. numerous guitar or vocal tracks. The song used is from a three-piece Prog Rock/Metal band called Blind Fate.

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