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Best Pro Tools Plugins for Vocals (Top Five Plugins)

These are the best Pro Tools plugins for vocals!

Mixing vocals can be tricky… vocals are very human and dynamic, and even subtle changes can make a huge difference to how they sound.

I was using stock plugins when I was first learning the ropes of mixing, and I’m still using them today. Getting better vocal mixes isn’t a case of spending more money on plugins – it’s about what you do with them. Yes, some of the paid ones might come with some features that the free ones don’t, but these are mere luxuries most of the time.

In this video, I show you that you CAN get a professional and smooth sounding vocal just using stock plugins. I go through each of my top five best Pro Tools plugins for vocals. I detail their features and uses, then show you how they sound in action. All of them are free with Pro Tools and can easily sound as good as the 3rd party plugins if you practice mixing with them.

But don’t worry if you don’t use Pro Tools, if you mix vocals with any other DAW, this will be useful to you. You’ll see that it’s absolutely possible to get a pro vocal mix with the stock stuff, and pick up a few vocal mixing tips too.

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