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Get Thick Sounding Guitars Using Layering (Mixing Trick)

Do you want to get thick sounding guitars in your mixes? You can do just that using this mixing/recording trick I refer to as layering.

I recently got a mix session over from a new client for their rock track… They specified to me that they were after a nice, thick, rich rhythm guitar for the song. Here’s the problem – they only sent me a single guitar track.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the guitar sounded good. It was well recorded and sounded warm enough. But with the rest of the band in, it just wasn’t enough to fill out the mix. I could have duplicated it, but that can cause phasing issues – and besides, there’s a better option – layering.

I had a chat with the artist and suggested that they record another take of the rhythm guitar. This gave me more options and resulted in the decidedly ‘thicker’ tone that he was after.

In this video, I take a deep dive into a mix I did a while back for a band called Rusty G’s. I recorded the band too, so I kept that ‘layering’ in mind during the recording process. I had a lot to work with for the mix. Have a watch and find out how you too can use layering to get thick sounding guitars for your mixes.

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