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5 Special Features of Audacity To Boost Your Skills! | Audacity Accelerator Course [Part 19]

In this part, I’m going to show you some special, hidden features of Audacity that you might not have known about. They’ll speed up your workflow and help to get you better results with your audio projects.

I have 5 features that I’m going to be sharing with you today to help you get better audio more quickly. A couple you may have picked up already if you’ve been following this course, but there will be some new ones in there and it’s always good to refresh your memory, so I highly recommend catching all five. I’ll also go over some shortcuts that you can use to make use of these special tools more quickly and easily. This one is helpful for Audacity adepts and beginners alike!

If you want to learn the ins and outs of Audacity so that you can record, edit and mix audio like an Audio Pro, then you’re in the right place. This is Audacity Accelerator, the Audacity complete course for beginners that I’ve put together for you right here on YouTube. It’s the only course that you need to quickly and simply learn everything that you need to know to create music, podcasts and more, using the powerful – and free – audio software Audacity.

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