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Free Audacity Training Materials For Beginners (Free Guide) | Audacity Accelerator Course [Part 21]

Download the Essential Audacity Shortcuts Cheatsheet 📖 today and get access to free Audacity training materials including the Audacity Accelerator Quiz ✔️

In this final part of the Audacity Accelerator course, we’ll go over what you’ve learned in the course, I’m going to share with you some free Audacity training materials that you can download for free that will help speed up your workflow in Audacity as you go on to use it.

First of all, if you’ve followed this course right from the beginning, well done for sticking with it! It’s worth getting that full, rounded knowledge of the DAW you’re using, or any software for that matter.

You’ve learned how to install and set Audacity up for recording. You now know your way around the interface. You’ve learned how to record your voice and instruments. You also learned how to edit, tweak and mix your audio to make it sound as good as possible. You’ve learned how to export your audio to the right formats. And finally, you’ve learned some extra tips and features to help with the general use of the software.

Now I want to share a couple of things with you to download to keep for yourself. These will help you with your Audacity projects going forward. Click on the link at the top to download the free Audacity training materials and get access to the Audacity Accelerator Quiz today!

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