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3 Simple Tricks For Mixing Backing Vocals Like A Pro

Are you struggling with mixing backing vocals? Here are 3 simple tricks for you to help you to mix backing vocals like a pro!

Background vocals can easily get masked by the main vocal and get lost in the mix. This is especially the case when the backing vocal is sung by the same singer as the main vocal line. The three tips you’ll find in this video will help you to get your backing vocals to stand out and be heard.

In addition, backing vocals can be a really powerful production and composition tool when it comes to making your song interesting and giving it a sense of progression. A single line of backing vocals that have been mixed in exactly the same way as the main vocal doesn’t help too much in this regard, though.

You want your backing vocals to make your song more exciting to the listener, and you can do this during the mixing stage. In this video, I go over how to make your backing vocals sound more exciting.

I then finish off the video with a backing vocal recording tip to get you in a pro mindset when recording backing vocals which will help make your songs (or the artist’s songs that you’re recording) more interesting.

Jump Ahead

  • Trick 1 – 0:37
  • Trick 2 – 2:55
  • Trick 3 – 4:23
  • Backing Vocal Recording Tip – 8:01

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