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Can You Produce Music On A Gaming PC? (Verdict and Build Tips)

If you’re a PC gamer and you want to get started with music production, or if you produce music and you want to get into gaming – this video is for you. In this video I’m going to answer the question – “Can you produce music on a gaming PC?”

A friend asked me this question as he wants to get into music production, and already has a custom built PC that he uses for gaming. He was hoping that he could use his gaming pc for music production, but wasn’t sure if any modifications would be needed. I thought I’d share my thoughts on this with you.

For the sake of this discussion, by music production in this case I’m referring to recording, or sequencing instruments or recording vocals, editing, mixing and mastering music, or any combination of these. Whether that’s your music, or if you’re producing music for other artists.

Then for a gaming PC, I’m referring to a high spec desktop PC built for modern, graphically intensive PC games – whether that’s a custom build or a pre-made machine.

Gaming PC For Music Production?

So to answer this question, I’m firstly going to speak on using a Windows PC for music production, as opposed to using a Mac (which are commonly found in studios). Whether or not a PC is suitable for music production to begin with.

Then we’re going to talk about the hardware itself – is the hardware of a gaming PC suitable for music production, is there anything you need specifically for music production that you might not typically find in a PC designed for gaming and vice versa.

Then finally, I’ll conclude and offer some recommendations to help you decide what parts need to be in your PC if this is something you’re considering, so don’t miss that.

Let’s get started!

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Jump Ahead

  • Intro – 0:00
  • Part 1: PC or Mac? – 1:34
  • Part 2: Hardware Considerations – 3:11
  • Part 3: Hardware Recommendations – 5:56
  • Conclusion – 10:39

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