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How To Get Clean Reverb to Avoid Muddy Mixes (3 Mixing Tricks)

Struggling with muddy/messy reverbs that are holding your mixes back rather than moving them forward? In this video, find out how to get clean reverb and avoid muddy mixes.

It can be tricky to get reverbs right. Even if you’ve crafted a reverb sound that is perfect for your music, you might find that with everything else going on, it either gets drowned out, or it drowns out the rest of your mix.

I’ve put together three, useful reverb mixing techniques to help you to get cleaner, clearer reverbs and get you a better mix. I then end with a final, helpful tip that relates to your approach when it comes to mixing with reverb.

Jump Ahead

  • Intro – 0:00
  • Tip 1 – 1:52
  • Tip 2 – 4:20
  • Tip 3 – 7:06
  • Final Tip/Summary – 9:26

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