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How To Record Stereo Acoustic Guitar

Learn how to record stereo acoustic guitar! In this video, I go over my number one way of recording acoustic guitar.

I’ll show you two dual micing techniques that are both great ways of getting a wide and rich sound from your acoustic guitar recordings. I’ll then show you a third technique that you can achieve with just one mic. You’ll then be able to listen to all three recordings back to back and see which one you prefer!

Having stereo acoustic guitar recordings can really help when it gets to the mixing stage. You can switch between mono and stereo for different parts of the song depending on what the song needs. You also get to play around with different tones with the dual micing methods. One of the tracks will be more full-bodied and one a brighter tone.

Have a listen, test it out yourself and let me know what you’re favourite method is!

Gear In This Video (Affiliate Links*)

Rode NT5 Mics (Great As A Stereo Pair)

Rode M5 (Cheaper But Still Great)

Jump Ahead

  • Intro & Gear – 0:00
  • Method 1 Explained – 0:37
  • Method 2 Explained – 1:21
  • Extra Wide Trick – 1:45
  • Room Setup – 2:23
  • Recording Method 1 – 2:43
  • Recording Method 2 – 3:09
  • Comparison Between 1 & 2 – 3:45
  • Extra Wide Trick Comparison – 4:04
  • Conclusion – 4:28

*Disclosure – These are affiliate links. I get a small portion of the sales through them, or similar benefit.

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