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Most Wanted New Features In Audacity (6 Audacity New Features We Need!)

New features in Audacity are always welcomed, but we don’t see them often. One of the best things about Audacity is its speed and simplicity, but there are a few features and tools that you’ll find in other DAWs that would be useful in Audacity, too.

In this video, I go over my 6 most wanted new features for Audacity. These are features I (and many others) feel would be great additions to Audacity. There are features that would improve workflow and others that would give us more functionality.

Some of these are easier said than done, of course. But we can hope!

Audacity was recently acquired by Muse Group. I’m hoping this means we’ll see more frequent updates that give us more features while keeping things simple and fast.

Let me know what your most wanted feature for Audacity is in the comments!

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