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Audio Recording For YouTube Videos (Get The Best Sound)

Getting a great audio recording for YouTube videos is essential if you want high-quality content on your channel. Discover how to get amazing audio in your YouTube videos in this video.

We all know how important video quality is for video content, but audio quality can be just as important, if not more so.

In this video, I go over why audio quality is so important in video and show you an interesting comparison between a quality video with terrible audio and great sounding audio with bad video. I then go over the six aspects of your audio that you need to be focusing on. Those include the room that you’re recording in; the acoustic treatment in the room; the microphone that you record with; how you record and what you should be doing with the audio after it’s been recorded.

Once you’ve got audio recording for YouTube videos nailed, you’ll be creating better, more professional content and that will no doubt help your channel to grow.

Jump Ahead

  • Intro – 0:00
  • 1. The Room – 1:43
  • 2. Acoustics – 2:49
  • 3. Microphone – 4:02
  • 4. Positioning – 7:21
  • 5. Recording – 8:17
  • 6. Post-production – 9:29
  • Outro – 16:48

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