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Audacity vs Pro Tools (Switching from Audacity to Pro Tools)

Audacity vs Pro Tools?! What about Logic, or Reaper?

There are dozens of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) out there, all of them with their own way of doing things. Which one suits you and your audio is entirely up to you – there’s no ‘best’ DAW.

Are you happy with your DAW, though? Or are you thinking it might be time for a change?

A friend and co-worker of mine recently swapped DAW because he was after something a bit faster and lower cost than what he used before.

From what I’ve seen, though, the most common reason for someone to change to a new DAW is that they’ve ‘outgrown’ their current one. For example, they’ve learnt the basics on something quite straightforward like Audacity, and are looking to learn a more feature-rich, professional DAW like Pro Tools.

Changing to a new DAW can be overwhelming, though, as often there are a bunch of new tools that you’re not sure how to use yet. Or, the features that are the same are often moved or look different.

The best way of tackling this is to start by only focussing on the most important functions that you used in the old DAW. Find where they are on the new DAW and get to grips with those first. Don’t worry about all the fancy new bells and whistles.

Audacity vs Pro Tools

If you’re considering making the switch from Audacity to Pro Tools then this is the perfect video for you. Or if you just want to know more about the differences between the two DAWs.

In this video, I’m going to talk about what’s different between Audacity vs Pro Tools. Then we’ll talk about what’s the same. And finally, I’ll give you advice on how to switch from Audacity to Pro Tools without feeling overwhelmed. I go through the functions in Audacity that are different in Pro Tools, and then demonstrate how to use this function in Pro Tools.

Let’s do this!

Pro Tools First Pro (Pro Tools course for beginners)

Jump Ahead

  • Intro – 0:00
  • What’s the Same? – 0:19
  • What’s Different? – 1:02
  • Moving with Ease – 2:31
  • Final Thoughts – 12:48

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