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Pro Tools Perpetual License VS Subscription: Avid U-Turn

Perpetual/lifetime licenses for Pro Tools are back. In a major u-turn due to the backlash from Pro Tools users after the move to subscription only earlier in 2023, we can now buy without a subscription again. The Pro Tools perpetual license vs subscription license debate goes on, but I’m glad that users are getting the choice again.

Production Expert article reporting the news.

For full context, feel free to watch the video I made on this back when Avid made the original change.

This is good news for Pro Tools users, but let’s see what the new pricing looks like vs. the subscriptions. And I’ll give my thoughts on which plan is worth going for based on your situation.

Jump Ahead

What’s Changed – 0:00

Pricing – 0:50

Perpetual License VS Subscription – 2:00

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