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Mixing A Metal Song From Start to Finish | Part 5: Macromixing

At this stage, we’re already around 80% towards the final mix. The basic mix of each individual instrument is done. The main ‘issues’ have been fixed. Everything is sounding pretty balanced. In part 5, Macromixing, we’ll be looking at the mix from a ‘macro’ perspective. Find out how to get your metal mixes sounding cohesive and punchy!

Mixing a Rock Song From Start To Finish | Part 6: Automation

Learn the full mixing process in this “Mixing a Rock Song From Start To Finish” video series. In part six we go through automation. Automation is an essential, yet often overlooked part of mixing. It lets you change how a plugin affects the audio at different points in the track. This can help create balance across the mix. It can also add excitement and keep the mix aurally interesting throughout.

8 Automation Mixing Tips To Improve Your Mixes

Automation is essential and also one of the most fun parts of the mix! Automation changes how a plugin affects audio throughout the track. Try these automation mixing tips to get more balanced and exciting mixes.

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