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Mixing A Metal Song From Start to Finish | Part 5: Macromixing

This is part 5 of the Mixing A Metal Song From Start To Finish series – Macromixing. If you want to learn how to take a raw recording of a metal song to a loud, punchy, exciting mix, then you’re in the right place! Check out the previous parts below if you’ve missed any.

Previous PartsPart 1 – Setup and Prep, Part 2 – The Static Mix, Part 3 – Mix Bus Processing, Part 4 – Micromixing.

At this stage, we’re already around 80% towards the final mix. The basic mix of each individual instrument is done. The main ‘issues’ have been fixed. Everything is sounding pretty balanced.

In part 5, Macromixing, we’ll be looking at the mix from a ‘macro’ perspective. We’ll be mostly making changes while listening to the whole song. After all, the end listener isn’t going to be listening to soloed tracks. It’s important to ensure that everything works cohesively. In this stage I’ll be making additional tweaks to keep tracks from masking other tracks. I’ll be adding ‘sweetening’ in the form of effects like reverb and delays. I’ll also be using automation to add excitement, create movement and help certain elements of the mix to stand out.

Join me and learn how to get your metal mix sounding sweet!

Jump Ahead

  • Intro – 0:00
  • Adding Reverb – 0:34
  • Vocal Processing – 3:20
  • Lead Guitar Effects – 5:05
  • Vocal Delay – 5:40
  • Sidechain Compression – 6:40
  • Automation – 7:44
  • Sound FX – 10:18
  • Tweaks – 12:21
  • Outro – 14:05

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