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How To Mix Vocals to Sound Professional

I want to show you how to mix vocals to achieve a professional and smooth sound that fits nicely within the mix. Mixing vocals can be tricky. Join me as I break down my vocal mixing method into 6 steps.

There are no ‘hard and fast’ rules when it comes to mixing. Every track is different, and every musician is different. Therefore, watching a mixer’s workflow and methods as they work through a mix can be super helpful. It’s important to understand the thought processes that go into mixing.

Take a look at how I do things –

While I mix vocals using Pro Tools 11 on a PC, you can apply these tips to any DAW (Logic, Ableton, Cubase etc.).

Before you get to work mixing your track though, make sure you’ve followed my suggested first step to mixing any song!

Featured track – Kayleigh Chambers & Carlie – Hello (Evanescence Cover)

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