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How To Consolidate Audio In Pro Tools

Have you recorded a part in multiple sections? Or have you made loads of cuts and edits to a take? This can make editing the part as a whole quite tricky.

That’s where consolidating audio comes in.

Merging/combining/consolidating/gluing (or whatever you want to call it) multiple audio clips into one after editing can be useful for a few important reasons –

  • You can easily move the audio around.
  • You can make level edits to the whole edited clip rather than having to change the level on each one.
  • The merged clip will be saved to a new file for easy management outside of your DAW.

With that in mind, let’s find out how to consolidate audio in Pro Tools the easy way. This works for any version of Pro Tools on PC or Mac. The principle remains the same across the other DAWs, too.

You should now know how to consolidate audio in Pro Tools. If there’s anything else at all that you’d like to know how to do in Pro Tools, just drop a comment below!

2 thoughts on “How To Consolidate Audio In Pro Tools”

  1. Hi! I consistently have trouble with consolidating clips in ProTools and I can’t seem to google my way into the answer. If I have boosted the db on a track before introducing cuts, consolidating wrecks the audio quality. It’s like it introduces a lower max volume and everything sounds distorted. You can see it in the waveforms even, after consolidating they are visibly hitting a ceiling, well below the width of the track. I’m sure it’s a settings thing but I can not figure it out. Any tips?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Kelly, that’s a strange one. Typically, it should not affect the sound quality. Are you simply using Edit -> Consolidate Clip? Are any of the clips clipping over 0db to begin with?

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