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Does It Matter What DAW You Use?

Does it matter what DAW you use? This is the question that we’re going to be answering today.

Your choice of digital audio workstation (or DAW) will shape the way that you record, program, edit and mix your music. But does it really matter which one you choose? And how much does your choice really affect the end result?

For those unsure, a DAW is a piece of software. DAWs provide an environment and an interface for capturing and modifying audio files and MIDI data on your computer. There are many DAWs on the market, all with their own unique styles and feature sets.

In this video we talk about –

  • Do certain DAWs inherently sound better than others?
  • Is there a BEST DAW?
  • What are the differences between DAWs?
  • How do you choose which DAW is right for you?
  • DAW myths

Music production is an art and it’s important to choose the right tools for you to enable you to make your art. This video will help to give you clarity on some of the facts and fiction of DAWs and help you to make the decision on which one to use.

Jump Ahead

  • Intro – 0:00
  • What is a DAW? – 0:12
  • Which DAW sounds best? – 0:46
  • Features of a DAW – 1:56
  • The important final point – 3:10
  • Summary and final thoughts – 4:10

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