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Mixing a Rock Song From Start To Finish | Part 2: Mixing Drums

Welcome to the “Mixing a Rock Song From Start To Finish” video series! In this 7-part series, I take you through the entire mixing process from scratch.

If you haven’t already seen part 1, catch it right here. In the first part I go over how to prepare your DAW for mixing and how to balance levelsone of the most important parts of the mix.

In this second part we will be mixing drums. We’ve got a full kit here to mix – kick, snare, toms, hi-hats, ride, overheads and ambients. I’ll be aiming for a punchy kick, snappy snare and sizzling cymbals. I also make use of compression, EQ, gating and tape saturation to create balance across the drum mix.

Feel free to follow along with me on one of your own mixes! Applying what you learn in each part of the “Mixing a Rock Song From Start To Finish” series will help to get the process clear in your head. It’ll also push you towards getting the results you’re after in your mixes.

Part three is ALL ABOUT THAT BASS, so feel free to subscribe to get updated when it’s available.

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