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Mixing DI and Amp Bass Guitar (Bass Mixing Technique)

Mixing DI and amp bass guitar can be a fantastically useful technique in getting a powerful and gritty bass tone, while retaining the important low end. Bass that’s been recorded with direct input can sound just as good as amped bass – it’s also a super easy way of recording bass, too. But one thing is for sure – DI bass generally has a pretty clean sound, which isn’t always what you need when mixing rock music.

The bass mixing technique that you’ll see in this video is perfect for mixing rock music. You’ll find out how you can blend DI and amped bass together without causing a muddy low end. I’ll show you which plugins I recommend for the job, as well as how to use them.

For the song featured in this video, the guitars actually drop out completely. I use the amped bass guitar to fill the gap. Hear the difference it makes! I end the video with a bonus tip that’ll help you to tame your low end.

Featured band – Rusty G’s

Jump Ahead

Find out how I got the guitar sound in this song!

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