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Best Type of Microphone for Recording Vocals (At Home or Studio)

So you want to record your vocals and get the best sound possible, but you’re not sure what type of mic you need. In this video, you’ll find out what the best type of microphone for recording vocals is for whatever kind of music or dialogue you’re recording. And for whichever environment you’re recording in.

It’s important to get the right mic for the job because no matter how good your vocal mix is, if you’re starting off with a bad recording, your vocals are never going to sound as good as they could.

When choosing a mic there are three main considerations you need to be thinking about – what room you’ll be recording in, what sound you want and your budget.

In part one of this video I’ll go over the main types of microphones, then in part two I’ll give you some recommendations on types of mic depending on those three considerations and you’ll also be able to hear the difference that your mic choice makes.

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