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Mixing a Rock Song From Start To Finish | Part 5: Mixing Vocals

This is the “Mixing a Rock Song From Start To Finish” series! In this 7-part series, you can find out how to mix a song from scratch. This week it’s all about mixing vocals!

If you’ve missed any of the series so far, check out the other parts via the links below –

In part five we go through mixing vocals. For this song, we have a dynamic lead vocal and a backing vocal. The goal here is to get a smooth sounding vocal that fits in the mix, but is also present and has it’s natural dynamics retained. Find out how to make use of EQ, compression, reverb, delay and harmonic saturation to achieve this.

In the next part, I tackle automation. And after that, it’s just the finishing touches to complete the mix!

Feel free to mix along with me! Do you have trouble getting your vocal to sit right in your mixes? Comment below and I’d be happy to help.

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