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iZotope Neoverb Review (Vocals, Guitar + Drums Demos AND Reverb Tips!)

iZotope has brought us a new reverb plugin, the Neoverb. We’re going to find out if it’s awesome and worth your time, or if it’s just another reverb plugin.

iZotope has a track record of creating interesting and unique plugins so I wanted to see how they tackled reverb and put an iZotope Neoverb review together. There are so many reverb plugins on the market already, but Izotope has included some unique functions in Neoverb that make it stand out from the crowd. And of course they’ve included their signature ‘AI assistance’ flavour to it so you can have a computer pick the sound for you, effectively. The shift to AI-based tools is certainly here to stay.

I’m going to show you this reverb in action on three sources – drums, acoustic guitar and finally vocals – to give you a varied demonstration. I’ll go through the different features and give you my thoughts. In addition, I’ll be dropping a few reverb tips throughout as I use the plugin.

If you’re unsure on what any of the reverb parameters mentioned in the review are for, check out this guide for a simple rundown of all the main functions. In addition, I’ve put together a 6 step guide on how to make your reverbs sound pro here.

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