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Mixing A Metal Song From Start to Finish | Part 6: Finishing A Mix

The sixth and final part of the Mixing A Metal Song From Start To Finish series is here. And in this part, you’ll be learning about finishing a mix. If you want to learn how to take a raw recording of a metal song to a loud, punchy, exciting mix, then you’re in the right place! Check out the previous parts below if you’ve missed any.

Previous PartsPart 1 – Setup and Prep, Part 2 – The Static Mix, Part 3 – Mix Bus Processing, Part 4 – Micromixing, Part 5 – Macromixing.

We’re pretty much 99% of the way through this mix now. So why is there still a whole step to go? Well, as we’ve talked about before, the last 20% of a mix can take around 80% of the time – but it’s still vital.

In this part, I’m going to make a few final tweaks to the mix to get it sounding just right. A few changes will be made to the automation and effects. I’m going to talk to you about finishing a mix and how to know when your mix is finished. Knowing this will keep you from both leaving a bunch of mixes unfinished, and staying on a single mix for too long.

And finally, you’ll get to hear a comparison of the mix with no plugins, and all the plugins! Join me for the final part of the series.

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